Follow the wisdom of your body

In personal Kinesiology sessions - the teaching of body motion - Lisa gently guides you to reconnect to the wisdom of your body: the innate wisdom of your cells that guides us in life. 

The balanced flow of our muscles enables us to confidently and gracefully act in and move through life. The more stressed and tensed we get, the less we are able to move. We think. Constantly. Are completely stuck in our head. But are not able to take action that feels in alignment with ourselves any longer. 

The muscle check, the core of Educational Kinesiology, guides you to understand where the tension and stress in your body derives from - you develop a deep and loving understanding of yourself. Short and effective bodyworks exercises that you can practice in your every day life help you to relax your body in regard of the stress and tension you experience. You experience the beauty of clarity in your everyday work, relationships and personal fulfillment. 


How does Kinesiology work for you

In personal Kinesiology sessions - the teaching of body motion - Lisa gently guides you to reconnect to the wisdom of your body: the innate wisdom of your cells that guides us in life.

The Muscle Check as Your personal bio-feedback

The Kinesiology muscle check allows you to understand the deeper levels your stress derives from. Our body's muscles react to our experience of stress with a change in muscle tension. Like this, the memory of your body guides us in each Kinesiology session to stress experiences that have not been released and hence stand in the way of you living your desired life.

Practical Bodyworks Exercises to Relax and overcome stress

Once we understand the source of your stress and get a feeling of where in your body it creates most tension we compile a personalised set of simple and highly effective bodyworks movement exercises from our vast catalogue of exercises from Kinesiology and other bodyworks techniques that bring immediate relieve to your tension and are easy for you to integrate in your every day life for sustained balance of your body, emotions and mind.

Embracing the nature of your woman's body

Learn from Lisa's deep understanding of our body how we can embrace and positively use features of our woman's body - like our menstrual cycle, our hormones, our emotions, our womb, vagina, breasts, physical tenderness etc. - as a gift for our personal and work life instead of as a weakness, we get that ease, flow and fulfilment into our life.

How does Kinesiology work for you
About Lisa M. Wennekes

About Lisa M. Wennekes

Lisa has a deep understanding of the wisdom our body holds within itself. She had the chance to learn and practice Kinesiology as a tool to understand the language and wisdom of her body from her early childhood onwards, under the guidance of her mother Renate Wennekes and many of the leading international Kinesiology founders/ practitioner like Dr. Paul Dennison, Dr. Carla Hannaford, Sharon Plasket, Amy Choi, Nathalie Davenport, John F. & Matthew Thie. 

As a young woman she had to realise that, aside of her body conscious lifestyle, our modern society structures and life pace bring with it a level of stress and tension, which reder it nearly impossible to live a healthy, self-determined and fulfilling life for women - and especially the younger generations.

The practice of Kinesiology and other bodyworks teachings helped her to release the deep seated stress and trauma of trying to comply with our achievement oriented society as a woman. This lead her to develop a deep understanding of

- why women experience such strong stress symptoms in their health, emotions and mental state.

- how our woman's body functions.

- how we can tap into the natural set up of our woman's body to shape a personal and professional life in today's society that allows us to unfold our natural selves. 

She since uses her experiences to guide women, teens and young girls  to release the stress from their bodies and to understand and live based on the structure of our woman's body in her Kinesiology Sessions.

Life can be so simple, clear and fulfilling when only we can relax to the degree that we can live following our woman's body's wisdom! 

Our Kinesiology Session Programs

Enjoy Lisa's gentle guidance to follow the wisdom or your body in our tailored Kinesiology packages

Intro for Women*

Intro for Women*

You receive One on One Kinesiology sessions that help you to release the stress in your body from the main challenge you experience. You learn which bodyworks exercises will support you to feel your body and to use your energy to reach your desired goal.

Kinesiology for Mother & Child

Kinesiology for Mother & Child

In a society where raising children is largely held as the responsibility of the female care taker, many of the challenges our children face find their roots in the stress, imbalance and unresolved challenges of their mothers / female care takers. We gently guide you and your child to release the stress that you carry within your body and to henceforth each unfold your individual beauty. *Special: sessions for kids up to 18 years are not charged!

Woman* Intensive

Woman* Intensive

In this 9 months long program you get the space to move through the deep process of understanding your stress, releasing deep challenges from your body and embracing the structure of your individual woman's body functions towards shaping your personal and work life based on your desires in your own pace. You enjoy Lisa's close guidance and intensive one on one Kinesiology sessions.

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Intro Women
EUR 648
Book your sessions at your own pace
Intro Family
EUR 672
1 month
Family Intensive
EUR 2.304
9 months